Incentive Referral Program

Clients will receive $10.00 for each referral when we provide service to those you have referred. 


All (commercial/ residential) with year round service have the convenience of monthly billings. We realize that some clients do not require a yearly or even seasonal contracts. However, payments for all other clients payments are due at the time of service. 


We accept checks and cash. Any checks returned for non sufficient funds will be assessed a return check fee of $25.00

Tree/ Shrubs

Any trees/ shrubs the has not been properly pruned will not be mowed or weed eating under them because of safety issues. (Fall Season)


Due to our overload of service appointments. A (1) day notice is required for any cancellations.  There will be a $15.00 fee assist to all cancellations without a notice. 


Verbal and/or written agreements shall be effective as long as clients accounts remain current. Either party may terminate any agreements for any reason at any time. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be as satisfied with our services and will do our best to accommodate you in every way we can.

Leaf, Grass, and Pinestraw Pick-Up

We would ask that your lawn maintenance services to be weekly or bi-weekly only. This is due to the increase in time and amount of accumulation.

Personal Items/ Litter Pick-Up

The customer is responsible for all personal items, (furniture, toys, hoses, pets, etc). All personal items should be removed from the turf and landscape areas prior to regular scheduled days or service.


We exercise great care, however, HILL'S LAWN CARE is not responsible for any personal items or runaway pets.


All common litter (paper bottles, cans, etc.) in the lawn and landscaping areas picked up will be bagged and left for disposal. Foam packaging peanuts and smaller small packing material will be muted during the mowing process. At our discretion, larger excessive debris may be picked up and hauled off for an additional charge (minimum $20.00)

Edging/ Trimming

All turf areas adjacent to concrete curbs, aisdewalks, and driveways will be edged with each mowing. Trimming around building(s) trees, fences, and beds will be performed with each mowing. 


All walks, porches, patios, and driveways will be blown off with each mowing. 

It is the responsibility of the property owner or agent to ensure free access to all areas requiring work. There is no discount for in accessible areas due to locked gates, construction, vicious pets, and more.

Turf Obstructions

HILLS'S LAWN CARE is not responsible for any damages to improperly installed sprinkler heads, valve boxes/covers, outlets boxes, above ground wiring or any other obstruction in the turf areas when the standard of installation required the obstruction to be insulated below the soil.